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Why go Solar?

Transforming your home into a solar-powered haven is a no-brainer for several compelling reasons.

Solar Panels on Rooftop

If you pay a monthly electricity bill...

This means you rent power from your local utility company. Essentially, you're compelled to acquire all your electricity at a rate beyond your control, never truly owning anything tangible.

Happy Family

In contrast...

Homeowners who've embraced solar power have their primary electricity source on their roof. By harnessing sunlight, they power their homes, reducing or completely eliminating reliance on their utility company.

The misconception preventing homeowners from going solar is the perceived cost and a need for more understanding about fantastic incentives available to solar adopters. Here are the three main incentives you should know about:

📍 Incentive #1

Laredo boasts a robust Net Metering Policy, allowing you to store excess energy in the electric grid, bridging gaps when your system underproduces.

📍 Incentive #2

The 30% federal tax credit (ITC) enables you to deduct 30% of your solar system's total cost directly from your federal taxes, a dollar-for-dollar credit that can save you thousands.

📍 Incentive #3 - 

Our unique Zero Down Adoption Program lets you get installed, approved, and running without any upfront costs. Simply redirect the money you spent on your electric bill towards your solar system.

Essentially, this isn't a new expense – it's something you've been paying for a while. The difference lies in the shift from investing in your utility company's future to investing in your own.

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