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Solar Panels in Laredo, TX - FAQs

Vilu Energy
A Solar Panel Company in Laredo, TX

Are Solar Panels Worth It?
​If you like simple and short answers then, YES.
Although, there are multiple factors that need to be taken into consideration like the number of panels you're able to install on your roof and your average monthly energy consumption. Your geographic location will also have an impact on the worthiness of solar panel systems. You see, honest Solar Panel Companies such as Vilu Energy in Laredo, TX, strive to get your system's monthly payment lower than the amount you pay every month on your utility bill. They get this accomplished by designing a solar panel system that satisfies 100% of your energy needs, and by letting you pay for your solar panels and installation over a period of time. Did we mention $0.00 Down Payment?
Another important thing homeowners need to understand is that investing in a Solar Panel System is investing in your very own electric utility. That's right, one day this system will be yours and you will no longer need to make monthly payments. On the other hand, no matter how long you pay your electric bill, you will never be the owner of your energy provider, even if you stay with the same company for 50 years

How do Solar Panels Work?
Solar energy is absorbed by solar panels and converted into DC (Direct Current), the DC current then exits the panel into the micro-inverter
Each solar panel is mounted with an Enphase microinverter tucked underneath it. The inverter converts the DC current into AC current (Alternative Current) and it is now ready for your home's use.
The combiner box holds interconnection equipment into a weatherproof compartment box along with the Enphase Envoy-S integrated for production metering and consumption monitoring. The electricity then travels to the main service panel and is distributed to your home breakers for use.
Any excess electricity after the house has been powered then goes back into the grid where the credit will be given by the utility company for all excess electricity for the month. This is monitored by a bi-directional meter that is installed by your utility company

Do Solar Panels Increase My Home's Value?
​According to research conducted by Zillow Economic Research in 2020. Homes in the United States with Solar Panel Systems, on average sell for 4.1% higher than Non-Solar counterparts.

If I Install Solar Panels, Will I Still Receive A Utility Bill?
This is an awesome question and the answer is Yes, but not for the high amounts your accustomed to. You will be receiving a utility bill  for the energy consummed from the grid (those wires you see all over the place). When the energy produced from your solar panel system is not enough to satisfy 100% of your home's demand, whatever is needed is provided by the grid (usually very little).
But do not worry, the same thing happens when your Solar panel system produces more than the energy you consume. The excess energy is returned to the grid and customers usually get a credit from their energy providers. This is why you need The Right Solar Panel Company. You need to make sure that the system bein installed has the capabilities of providing 100% of the energy  you need.

Confused? Not a problem, contact us and we can explain this in great detail.  Vilu Energy Laredo's Most Trusted Solar Panel Company on your side.

Vilu Energy in Laredo, TX  has The Best Team of Solar Panel System Designers that'll put together The Perfect Solar Panel System For Your Home. 

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